Manuscript Withdrawal policy

Mintage journals adhere to standards of ethics and integrity in academic publishing. We expect that author will also show the highest integrity in their work and too high ethical standards. Some authors request to withdraw manuscript after the submission; as after submission, the manuscript goes into the regular process of external review within 3-4 days so it is requested that the withdrawal request will be made as soon as possible within few days of submission to save the valuable efforts of editors, reviewers and editorial staff.
To avoid manuscript withdrawal, we sincerely request authors to follow the following issues before submitting the manuscript for publication in Mintage Journal of Pharmaceutical & Medical Sciences-

• Decide the number of authors, authorship, the order of authors & conflict of interest before submitting the manuscript.
• Check all the data, facts presented in the manuscripts are accurate, error-free and properly cited.
• If the manuscript is submitted to a journal for publication in the past do not submit it to another journal before receiving a withdrawal confirmation form the journals.
• Do not submit the manuscript simultaneously to more than one journal.
• Confirm the authors about the submission of a manuscript to the journal.

A manuscript can be withdrawn at any stage of review and publication process by submitting a request to editorial office as a letter indicating the proper unavoidable reason a withdrawal penalty may or may not be levied on the authors depending on the status of a manuscript.